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Free Hardware Training Course from Corona Institute

Admit it , we are living in an IT era where everyone is expected to know the basics of information technology infrastructure skills like hardware and networking . Even if you are an accountant trying to print a piece of document to your printer , or a home user trying to file his income tax over internet , the issues related to hardware can be quite daunting , frustrating and time consuming . waiting for a customer support engineer to fix your issue can spiol all your plans for the day . So it is high time you need the basic skills of troubleshooting to deal with your everyday computing requirements .

But on a regular worklife , it is not easy for you to go for a regular course and learn the basics and beyond in an official way . The other option is to learn from internet . But if you search for videos , you will find that most of these video tutorials which are free does not start from the basics and only focusing on tips and tricks and gadget specs  in IT . And since most of these sessions are in English , you miss the fun of learning the stuff in your native language .


Corona Institute of Technology , one of the leading IT training organization in Kerala introduces a free to watch and learn , YouTube based IT infrastructure training session which is prepared in Malayalam language  and it is the first full fledged effort in Malayalam language to impart a full IT course in Hardware and Networking .

Being free does not mean you are getting a compromised content . Just hit the sitewww.itfundamentals.in and start learning from the foundation to advanced sessions on hardware and networking .  The sessions are updated on a daily basics and you can get interactive to the trainer and other participants by posting questions on the comment box .

This effort from Corona Institute for a noble cause of imparting free tech skills already got huge attention on various online medias in kerala and on social media circles .

Visit www.itfundamentals.in and check for yourself


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