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Storage WAR for Dummies

Offering the technology know-how for free is the best way to sell  products .

It is especially true in segments like data centre virtualization where even the IT professionals find lot of jargon which are hard to digest .
The dummies series is an all time favourite among professionals who wish to learn a fresh topic . As the storage war between VMware and Nutanix is heating up , they both released a dummies series on the same subject and they given the same title for both the books . So we have two books with same name from two different authors and promoting two different companies and products .
So if you are working in data centre Virtualization environment , these books are worth looking it . We recommend you to read both of the books so that we will be aware of the strategy of both of the companies .

To download the one from Nutanix , Click here on the image below.


To download the one from VMware , Click here on the image below




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